Needing dentures may be the result of missing teeth or the need to fill a gap in the mouth. There are many reasons why a full set of teeth is essential. It helps to fill the gaps in our mouth, improves our smile, and ensures we can pronounce our words and chew food correctly.

As a full-service dental clinic in Delta, we are here to help our patients with all their denture needs – below is our list of 7 facts you should know about dentures.

Having missing teeth can impact our health and how we feel about ourselves. Tooth loss can occur at any age as a result of trauma, decay, or some other type of accident. As we age, the likelihood of needing dentures increases.

We offer a range of denture solutions from single teeth to full sets if you need dentures in Delta or surrounding areas.

1. They are custom made just for you.

Dentures are tailored to your mouth. To ensure optimal results, they are fit to suit your mouth’s shape. To achieve this, an impression is made of your mouth and sent to the lab.

2. They look and feel like real teeth.

Because dentures are made just for you, they will look and feel like natural teeth. Nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing them. Dentures enhance the aesthetic of your mouth and face. If you have partial dentures, they will blend in perfectly with your dental structure and teeth.

3. There are options for you to choose.

Dentures come in two options – partial and full sets. Partial dentures are a good solution if you’re missing some teeth or need to fill a gap. Partial dentures rely on the surrounding teeth to provide a snug fit and act as a base for the metal framework.

Full sets, on the other hand, are used when you have no natural teeth remaining; they are held in place by suction or an oral adhesive, or in some cases implant support.

If you’re looking at dentures, it’s important to find a reputable dental office near you.

4. Dentures are more fragile than teeth.

Although they look and feel like natural teeth it’s important to note that dentures do need proper care. Dentures are made to be strong and durable, however, they are not indestructible.

It’s important that they are cleaned on a regular basis with a good quality solution to remove bacteria and debris. Proper care also helps to prevent damage and cracking.

5. They do more than improve your appearance.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of dentures, they have several other benefits. For example, dentures help prevent surrounding teeth from shifting into the gap left by the missing tooth/teeth, which can cause alignment, jaw, and other oral problems.

They also improve the function of your remaining teeth and support your other facial features, avoiding the sunken cheek look which can be aging.

6. They are built to last.

Your dentures, with proper care and cleaning, should last for decades. We will explain to you how to take good care of your dentures to achieve maximum longevity.  It’s essential you continue to brush your surrounding teeth and continue practicing good oral hygiene.

7. Your dentures will need to be relined.

Over time, your jaw bone can change, and as a result, your dentures can move around and loosen. Because of this, you must visit a dental clinic near you to have your dentures relined or rebased. This is to adjust for changes that are needed to improve their fit.

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