Delta seven tips for the best invisalign results

Patients love Invisalign because its teeth straightening process is faster and easier than orthodontics with traditional wire and metal braces. They love Invisalign because the aligners are comfortable, convenient, and —best yet — practically invisible to anyone else. People will forget that you’re wearing aligners, or may never know.

Invisalign is an investment in a lifetime of straight teeth and perfect smiles. Over the course of 12 to 18 months, Invisalign’s aligners will gradually move your teeth into the ideal position in your jaw. How can you make sure your investment in Invisalign in North Delta pays off?

Here are seven tips for ensuring the best possible result from your Invisalign treatment:

Stick to the plan

Yes, one of the greatest advantages of Invisalign in Delta is that aligners can be removed. To maximize the success of your treatment as quickly as possible, though, wear them for 22 hours every day. Take them out to brush and floss your teeth, and to eat and drink. Otherwise, leave them in. On the schedule set out by your dental clinic in Surrey, switch from one aligner to the next in the right order.

Keep talking

While you get accustomed to wearing your aligners, you may notice that you talk with a lisp for the first few days. That’s normal because they’re just a little bit less space inside your mouth than there used to be. It’s also temporary. The best way to get past that lisp is to keep talking.

Anticipate sensitivity

Your first aligner and each new aligner may make your teeth feel a bit sensitive. That’s a normal and temporary sensation, and a good sign that indicates your teeth are shifting. Dealing with that sensitivity for the first couple of days is as easy as sticking to soft foods. If the sensitivity is really bothersome, ask your dentist about taking over-the-counter pain relievers to help before your first aligner or when you switch from one to another.

Take your aligner out before eating and drinking

These are not your grandparents’ braces that they had to keep in their mouths as they ate and drank. Not only can you remove them, but you should remove them. Drinking cool water with aligners in your mouth is fine, but hot drinks can warp your aligners and coloured beverages can stain them.

Use your case

You’ll love that your aligners are nearly invisible. But you’ll hate how easy they are to lose. You can keep your aligners clean and safe — and avoid losing them — by keeping them in your Invisalign case when they’re not in your mouth.

Crank up your oral self-care

Brushing and flossing with wire and metal braces is a pain. You won’t have that excuse. You can maximize the success of Invisalign by brushing and flossing more often than you did before. Don’t let food material — even invisible sugars and acids — get trapped between your teeth and your aligner. Keep a travel toothbrush on hand everywhere you go and brush after every meal.

Clean your Invisalign aligners

You’ll love the invisibility of your aligners. To keep them invisible, clean them every time you take them out before putting them back in your mouth. Cleaning the aligners is as simple as brushing them with a soft toothbrush and rinsing them with warm water.

Invisalign is a great option for people who want to quickly, conveniently, and discreetly straighten their teeth. It’s not for everyone but is an investment of time and money that can pay off with an ideal smile if you do your part. To find out if Invisalign can help you achieve your goals, contact a dental clinic in Surrey.