Surrey 5 things you should know about dental implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth-like structures that look more natural, strong and are a more enjoyable alternative when you have missing teeth. Each dental implant consists of three components i.e. a post that looks like a tooth root and is positioned in the jawbone underneath the gum line through a surgical procedure. It is made up of titanium and looks like a screw and also helps your dentist place a replacement tooth. The second component is an abutment; it is always fitted over the portion of the post. It is placed there to support the prosthesis which is the crown or the restoration—the third part of the implant.

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There are more than a few reasons you should think through getting dental implants.

1. They maintain teeth alignment

Do you know what happens to the other teeth when you lose a tooth? The surrounding teeth can shift and fill the empty spaces, thus it will create more dental complications. Clustered and misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean and maintain. Replacement of a missing tooth can save you from future hassles and most dentists in Surrey offer dental implants.

2. They improve your appearance

Dental implants look like natural teeth and are designed to unite with your jawbone and become permanent. As you start losing teeth your jawbone deteriorates, your lips look thinner and your cheeks appear dipped, you ultimately look older than your actual age. Dental implants support and maintain a healthy jawbone and youthful face.

3. They prevent embarrassing slippage

Patients with dentures always feel conscious about laughing, speaking and even eating at public places because dentures can easily slip in your mouth and leave you embarrassed in front of people. On the contrary, dental implants are firm, reliable, strongly anchored in place, and allow you to eat whatever you like!

4. They are less expensive in the long run

If we consider the long-term benefits of dental implants, they are an investment in yourself for a better version of you. Always keep in mind that with proper care, dental implants do not require any replacements or daily visits to your dentist. The same cannot be said for dentures or dental bridges, which typically don’t last as long.

5. They make chewing easier

Chewing with implants is the same as chewing with natural teeth. For somebody who is used to the difficulty of dentures or upset about the limitations that come with other dental treatment options, implants are an incredible substitute.

Go ahead and have your much-loved chewy lollies and eat all the crunchy biscuits you want. Implants allow you to keep or redeem your love of eating! Of course, you should still be careful about consuming carbohydrates and sugars in excess for the sake of your overall health.

End Note

The decision to get a dental implant is an important step towards a better you! The team at your trusted dental clinic understands that every good surgery begins with exceptional communication between the dentist and the patient. Thus, you should always open up to your dentist and ask about any hesitation or questions you have about dental implants and you should also discuss any complications that the procedure entails. It is the responsibility of your dentist and their team to educate and communicate all the after effects of the surgery in advance to make your experience as comfortable as possible.