Surrey can you use tooth gems without harming your teeth

Most of us tend to look up to celebrities and their fashion statements to understand which fashion is in vogue and what just doesn’t work anymore. Whatever fashion trend is sported by celebrities, instantly becomes popular among the masses, especially the younger generations. One such recent fashion trend is the application of tooth gems on your teeth in the form of small rhinestones, which is making a comeback since the 90s! – Missing one or more teeth? See our Dental Implants services.

The recent rise in popularity of using tooth gems to add sparkle to your smile is a simple yet effective way to enhance your features.

What are tooth gems?

Tooth gems are tiny rhinestones or jewels that are pasted on teeth using a specific adhesive. Dental offices may offer tooth gems near you. They usually have a lifespan of about 6 months, but can sometimes last longer. People usually prefer to use them on their visible teeth to enhance the cosmetic effect of their smiles. They are a fashion trend that an experienced dentist near you can easily provide. If you are looking for tooth gems near you, we highly suggest you speak with a dentist.

Considering tooth gems near you?

Your smile is unique, and if you are looking for a dental service that can enable you to express your one-of-a-kind personality without having to even say a word, you may want to consult with your dentist in Delta regarding tooth gems. These fashionable accessories allow you to add originality to your smile without having to worry about a long-term commitment or potentially causing damage to your enamel. Your dentist near you will cure the tooth gem in place using a special light and this temporary adornment can be easily applied and removed at any time by simply visiting a dental office. Tooth gems adhere to the surface of teeth the same way orthodontic brackets do.

Common questions about tooth gems

It is not uncommon for patients interested in tooth gems in Delta to have questions. You can find some answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Are tooth gems safe for your teeth and overall health?

A dental alloy used intraorally will be a specific composition of high noble alloys, in other words, the dental jewelry used is biocompatible and manufactured by registered dental technicians.

Will tooth gems cause tooth damage?

No. If you visit a reputable dental office, the custom-made teeth jewelry is designed specifically for use in dentistry and will not damage your teeth.

How do tooth gems adhere to your teeth? Will this require any drilling?

Don’t worry, in order to apply tooth gems, drilling will not be required. The tooth gems will be fixed to your teeth using a special bond which means it is easy to apply them and remove them.

How long can I keep my tooth gems?

Generally, it is recommended that patients change their temporary tooth gems biannually, in other words, every six months. Tooth gems can easily be replaced at your routine dental checkups and you will have the opportunity to select a new design at this time.

Will tooth gems affect the way I eat, drink or speak?

Tooth gems should not affect your speech and you should be able to speak clearly with them. In terms of interfering with eating or drinking, this is dependent on the jewelry you select.

Life’s most difficult decision is the decision to be yourself. A simple way of showing who you are is with tooth gems! If you are interested in tooth gems, look for a dental office that provides tooth gems in Delta. Always consider consulting with a dentist for professional advice on the matter.


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