Immediate Complete Dentures Near You in Surrey

A partial denture is a removable appliance that helps restore your jaw’s dental structure and function. Dentures can replace one or several missing teeth. A partial denture, also called a removable dental crown, bridges that gap caused by one or more absent teeth. The main difference between traditional bridges and partial dentures near Surrey, BC is that partial dentures are removable. Dentures are supported by a healthy tooth adjacent to the gap and are connected by a metal framework that secures them in place

partial dentures in surrey

Top Benefits of Dentures Near You:

  • You can decide when you wish to wear them
  • They restore your smile
  • They prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting
  • They retain facial shape

Looking for dentures near you? Angel Dental Care clinic offers dentures in Surrey, BC.

Getting Partial Dentures Near You

Many people have the impression that dentures are only for people with no teeth. However, that’s not the case! Many people who are missing a couple of teeth can benefit from partial dentures. Dentures are not chunky, obvious, or bothersome!

With our partial dentures in the Surrey clinic, no one will know you are wearing dentures. Our partial dentures are crafted to fit comfortably and seamlessly into your mouth. The partial dentures will match your existing tooth colour and shapes to ensure they won’t stand out. We take impressions of your mouth and carefully create the perfect dentures. We then seamlessly fit them to restore your dental appearance and your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your partial dentures in Delta will be designed to mimic your natural teeth precisely. They will not only blend in flawlessly, but they will enhance your smile and balance out your facial appearance.

When you first receive your dentures in Surrey, BC V4C 0C1 it may feel a little strange to eat. You will adjust to this in a few weeks, as they will begin to feel natural. We recommend to start eating soft foods first that are cut into small pieces.

For the most part, insurance companies cover our services. We suggest contacting your service provider for a detailed estimate of your coverage on dentures in Delta and other dental services offered by our dental clinic near you.

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