Dental Bridges Near You

A dental bridge is an effective procedure that bridges the gap created by missing teeth. This dental prosthesis aims to replace your missing teeth by attaching artificial teeth to dental implants or adjacent teeth. Before you decide to go through this dental procedure, our dentist in Delta, BC, V4C 0C1, will educate you on the advantages of dental bridges to your teeth.

dental bridges in surrey

Benefits of Dental Bridges Near Surrey

The gaps between your teeth can affect your self-esteem. They can also cause speaking and eating difficulties. Our dental clinic in Delta, BC, may recommend dental bridge treatment near you due to the different benefits they can offer you.

1. Restore Your Beautiful Smile

A healthy and beautiful smile is priceless. Many of our patients will reclaim their lost confidence once they discover the results of dental bridges in Delta.

2. Enhance Chewing

Those with gaps in their teeth may experience discomfort and sometimes pain when chewing their food. This occurs when your teeth begin to shift out of alignment. As a result, food particles can also accumulate in the gap – leading to gum disease. Dental bridges near Surrey can permanently eliminate the pain and trouble you feel when chewing foods.

3. Enhance Your Speaking

In a case where you are missing multiple teeth, you will likely notice that you have issues pronouncing some words. To significantly improve your speech, our dental clinic will recommend a dental bridge in Surrey, BC V4C 0C1 to solve the cause of this problem.

4. Maintain the Natural Shape of Your Face

Finally, a dental bridge near you will prevent the deterioration of your jawbone caused by the missing tooth. Advanced jawbone deterioration can contribute to facial collapse that will dramatically alter the overall shape of your face.

Looking for dental bridges near you in Surrey? Angel Care Dental offers dental bridges in Surrey, BC V4C 0C1.

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