What is an overdenture?

A denture that is held in the mouth using implants is called an implant retained denture or an OVERDENTURE. Overdenture functions like natural teeth and provides up to 100% chewing function. It is the next best thing to a mouth full of real teeth. Overdenture give you the confidence you need to speak, laugh, and eat without fear of embarrassing incidents such as denture moving or slipping out.


What are 4 main advantages of overdenture?


The Denture supported by implants will not shift like conventional dentures. It is held securely in place by 4 or more titanium post which are rooted into the jaw.

Better Esthetics

Overdentures are so natural , no one will be able to distinguish them from real teeth. They blend in beautifully.

Function like natural teeth; promoting better health.

Bite into an apple or a corn on the cob. You will be able to chew and enjoy your favorite foods again. Digestion is improved and with it better general health. BON APETITE.

Halt bone loss

When natural teeth are lost, bone and soft tissue that support the teeth resorb and are lost. This means over time the traditional denture will get lose and mobile. Patient will experience mouth soars, cannot eat properly, and feels self conscious.
Dental implant, put a halt on bone loss by stimulating and regenerating the growth of the bone and soft tissue in much the same way as natural teeth would.


Let Us help you

Dr. Janic has over 30 years experience in placing implants and performing implant surgery with particular expertise in overdenture fabrication and support. Please call our office for a private Consult.

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