What is an overdenture?

A denture that is held in the mouth using implants is called an implant retained denture or an OVERDENTURE. Overdenture functions like natural teeth and provides up to 100% chewing function. It is the next best thing to a mouth full of real teeth. Overdenture give you the confidence you need to speak, laugh, and eat without fear of embarrassing incidents such as denture moving or slipping out.


What are 4 main advantages of overdenture?


Traditional dentures stay in place by forming a seal with the gums. In contrast, overdentures function like implants. Permanent implants in the jaw keep overdentures firmly attached to the gums, removing the need for additional adhesives. Basic dentures often cause irritation and are prone to popping out of the mouth.

Ease of eating

Having more stable overdentures makes actions like speaking and eating easier. Conventional dentures are secured with adhesive, which can occasionally make eating hard foods difficult. Overdentures stay in place more easily, and allow for you to chew food thoroughly. This also helps with your overall digestion.

Bone retention

Missing teeth causes bone loss in the jaw, and without teeth, bone matter shrinks. Overdentures require the installation of titanium implants into the bone. This process (called osseointegration) prevents bone from deteriorating, preserving your facial structure. Basic dentures can accelerate bone loss when chewing, which exerts force on the gums.

Natural appearance

When overdentures prevent bone loss, they also contribute to maintaining your face’s natural appearance. Tooth and bone loss causes sagging, which can drastically alter your face shape. Overdentures are fixed, which prevents embarrassing dislodgement, as can be the case with traditional dentures. Greater security also makes speech feel and sound more natural.


Regular dentures will need replacement over time. As the jaw shifts, you’ll need new dentures to conform to the changing shape. The implants used to secure overdentures, on the other hand, are built to last. Overdentures will last for years with proper care. At best, they can last the rest of your life, saving you the hassle of replacing your dentures every few years.


Providing you take proper care of your overdentures, long-lasting wear makes them more cost-efficient in the long run. Conventional dentures need regular repair or replacement. Purchasing a less costly set of dentures also requires frequent replacement, which can be a financial burden.


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