What are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are an excellent option for those seeking a safe and natural-looking solution for tooth decay or damage. Unlike traditional silver fillings that contain harmful mercury, composite fillings are made of composite materials that bond to the natural tooth structure, providing a durable and safe restoration. They come in a natural tooth shade that blends seamlessly with your teeth, ensuring a natural appearance that’s pleasing to the eye.

Composite resin fillings are also an excellent alternative to other types of fillings, such as metal fillings. These direct fillings are placed directly into the cavity preparations and are perfect for small to medium-sized cavities. They’re highly durable, flexible, and have a high flexural strength, making them ideal for chewing surfaces. Furthermore, these white fillings can be used to repair defective restorations or replace old and worn out dental restorations, making them a highly versatile option.

Another advantage of composite fillings is that they can be used for indirect restorations, such as partial crowns or porcelain fillings, providing a long-term solution to dental decay or damage. They also provide an excellent bond to the tooth structure, ensuring that they remain intact and that the original tooth structure is not damaged. Moreover, composite materials are free from any adverse or neurotoxic effects, making them a safe and healthy choice for your oral care.

Overall, composite restorations offer a natural appearance, are durable, and are an excellent choice for dental health. They’re also compatible with dental plans, making them accessible to a wider range of patients. Whether you’re looking to replace an old filling or repair a decayed tooth, composite fillings are an excellent option that provides a safe and natural-looking restoration.

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What Can Composite Fillings Treat?

Composite fillings in Surrey are often used to treat patients’ teeth who:

  • Have minor chips in their tooth
  • Have minor cracks in their tooth
  • Want to enhance the appearance of their smile

Top Benefits of Composite Fillings Near You

 Aesthetically Pleasing

Composite fillings are a safe and effective option for those who want to restore their teeth’s natural shade while also providing long-term benefits. These fillings are designed to bond directly to the tooth structure, making them an excellent choice for preserving the natural tooth structure. In addition, they have excellent compressive strength, which means they can withstand the forces of chewing and biting. With their natural shade and ability to bond to the tooth structure, composite fillings offer a safe and long-lasting solution for those seeking a beautiful and healthy smile.

 Preserve Tooth Structure

In addition to their cosmetic benefits, composite fillings also offer excellent structural preservation of the tooth. Compared to other filling materials, composite fillings require less removal of healthy tooth structure during the restoration process. This preservation is crucial for maintaining the strength and integrity of your tooth over time and ensuring optimal oral health.

Durable and Long-lasting

One of the most significant benefits of composite fillings is their durability and long-term effects. The filler material used in composite fillings can bond to the natural tooth structure, providing a strong and safe option that can last for many years. This results in a durable filling that effectively supports the affected tooth and preserves the natural dental tissues, including the connective tissue, which is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth. Therefore, composite fillings are a wise investment in your oral health, providing a long-lasting solution for tooth filling needs.

Quick and Simple Procedure

Moreover, the process of receiving composite fillings is quick and straightforward, often completed in a single appointment. Your dentist in Surrey, BC, will prepare the tooth, apply the composite resin material, and shape it to match your tooth’s natural contours. Finally, the material is hardened using a curing light, ensuring a secure and lasting bond. This simple and efficient procedure makes composite fillings a popular choice for those seeking a hassle-free dental solution.

When Are Composite Fillings Recommended?

Composite fillings are recommended for patients with various dental conditions, including cavities, chipped teeth, and worn down teeth. If you have any of these issues and want to restore your teeth to their natural beauty and strength, composite fillings may be the perfect solution for you. The following are some cases where composite fillings is recommended.

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Minor tooth chips or cracks

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Small to medium-sized cavities

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Gaps between teeth

Delta Overdenture Dental

Discolored or stained teeth

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Enhancing the overall appearance of their smile

Dental Procedure

If you’re looking for a dental solution that can restore your teeth’s appearance and function, composite fillings are an excellent choice. One of the great things about composite fillings is that they are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. The process of receiving composite fillings near you is also similar to the traditional amalgam filling procedure. Your dentist in Surrey, BC, will begin by freezing your tooth to ensure a pain-free experience.

Next, the dentist will clean the teeth and remove any decay before placing the resin to match your natural tooth color. Composite fillings require less removal of healthy tooth structure compared to other dental filling materials, ensuring the preservation of the tooth structure’s strength and integrity over time. Your dentist will then use a special light to harden the resin and shape it to fit your mouth perfectly.

The composite filling procedure is quick and straightforward and can often be completed in a single appointment. After the procedure, you’ll be able to smile with confidence, knowing that your teeth are restored to their natural beauty and strength.

Composite fillings are an excellent choice for patients who value both aesthetic appeal and structural preservation. They offer excellent durability and longevity, often lasting for many years with proper care and maintenance. Additionally, composite fillings are ideal for patients who require treatment for cavities, chipped teeth, and worn down teeth. They provide a strong and stable restoration that effectively supports the affected tooth and prevents further damage or decay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One question that many patients have is how long their composite fillings will last. Generally, composite fillings near you can last for up to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. However, it is important to note that the lifespan of your fillings can vary depending on several factors.

Factors that can affect the longevity of your composite fillings include the location and size of the filling, your oral hygiene habits, and your diet. If you grind your teeth or have a habit of chewing on hard objects, such as ice or pens, your fillings may wear down more quickly.

To ensure the longevity of your composite fillings, it is essential to practice good oral hygiene habits, including regular brushing and flossing, and to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings. Your dentist can monitor the condition of your fillings and recommend any necessary repairs or replacements to maintain your oral health.

  • They are natural looking
  • They feel natural
  • They are free from mercury
  • They can easily be repaired if they are fractured

At our dental clinic, we understand the importance of affordable dental care for our patients. We work with many insurance companies to ensure that our services are accessible and affordable to all. For the most part, insurance companies cover our services, including routine check-ups, cleanings, and other dental procedures.

We suggest contacting your insurance service provider for a detailed estimate of your coverage. This will help you understand what services are covered and what costs you can expect. Our team is always available to help you navigate the insurance process and answer any questions you may have.

Maintaining good oral health is essential to your overall health and well-being. Regular check-ups and cleanings can prevent dental issues from becoming more severe and costly to treat. We encourage all of our patients to prioritize their oral health and make it a part of their overall wellness routine

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