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If you’ve been advised by your dentist in Surrey, BC to undergo gum surgery, the process may sound scary, but it is a relatively straightforward procedure. This is an essential treatment designed for the severe buildup of bacteria and plaque wherein our body’s healing process cannot overcome the infection.

Our dental office offers gum surgery in Surrey to help restore the function and appearance of your gums. Whether you want to get gum surgery for cosmetic or restorative reasons, our dental clinic offers a variety of gum surgery treatments with laser technology to ensure your procedure is as painless as it can be. If you are looking for gum surgery near you, schedule a consultation at our dental office.

Surgical Procedures

Pocket Reduction: This procedure is also known as gingival flap surgery. The surgeon will simply fold the gums back to remove the lingering bacteria. The tissue will then be secured on your teeth.

Regeneration: In this type of gum surgery near Surrey, the dentist will fold the gums back and remove the bacteria that causes the disease. Bone graft or membrane will also be introduced together with protein that stimulates tissue growth.

Crown Lengthening: The goal of this surgery in Delta is to remove the excess gum tissue that makes our teeth look longer. Apart from treating gum diseases, this can also be used for cosmetic purposes.

Gum Tissue Graft: The periodontist near you, will be taking tissues from other parts of your oral system and attaching them to your gum. This can be used to correct receding gums or replace the tissue that has been removed from the gum.

Looking for gum surgery near you? Angel Care Dental offers gum surgery in Surrey, BC V4C 0C1.

Effective and Efficient

Nowadays, gum surgery in Surrey, BC, will involve the use of laser technology. This instrument makes the process less invasive. It can also successfully eliminate the unhealthy areas of the gums faster. The recovery time of gum surgery near Surrey is also significantly shorter, which makes it a more convenient solution.

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